Searching for Glass

McKee Punchbowls: Pre-1930 Molds Still in Use

Between 1904 and 1915, McKee Glass Co. introduced a series of high quality pressed glass imitations of cut glass. The name for this line, Pres Cut, was molded on the inside of almost every piece. There were at least 21 different patterns in the original line. The Pres Cut line was made up until about 1927.

Animal Covered Dishes Made in New Jadite

New Jadite covered dish with lion lid. Made from mold originally owned by Westmoreland Glass.

Frosted Czech glass or Lalique?

On January 28, 2001, a buyer in Chicago paid $1200 for a set of four bowls and plates (Fig. 1) marked R. Lalique, France (Fig. 2) Unfortunately, the frosted glass bowls and plates were made in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia), not France and the Lalique marks were forgeries.

Glass Advertising Rolling Pin

Here's something completely different - a reproduction glass advertising rolling pin. Its clear pressed glass with a metal screw-on lid; overall length 13. There are other colors available including cobalt blue. ACRN paid $10 for the new samples. No old original is known.

Forged Moser Mark on New Glass

Bohemian and Czech glass authority Robert Truitt has alerted ACRN to a forged Moser mark being applied to a wide variety of new glass shapes and forms.

New Art Glass Signed to Order

A seller using the internet auction site offered to sign reproduction art glass with the buyers choice of marks. Winning bidders were offered their choice of Tiffany, Steuben Quezal and others. The seller also regularly offered reproduction art glass with imitation marks already applied. Steuben, Aurene, floriform, JIP, Favrile, pontil, vase.

Lutteds Cough Drop

One of the more interesting pieces of antique pressed glass is a figural log cabin jar for Lutteds Cough Drops. The pattern is known today as Log Cabin but was originally called Pattern 78. It was made by Central Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia which introduced the pattern in 1875.

Milk Glass Reproductions with McKee Mark

Original covered animal dishes marked McKee are among the rarest and most expensive pieces of milk glass. Some McKee animals can bring over $2000. Now new milk glass pieces are in production that have a nearly identical mark as original McKee pieces.

More Malachite from Czech Republic

More and more original glass molds and glass formulas are being placed in production in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia).

Greentown Buffalo Paperweight - Summit Art Glass Reproduction

Dr. James Measell wrote an article that explained how to identify the reproductions of the buffalo paperweight originally made by Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Works (Greentown). The only reproductions discussed in that article were by St. Clair Glass Co.