Searching for Glass

New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early Dates

A Midwestern glass wholesaler has just released a series of four souvenir pressed glass toothpick holders. All four pieces bear early dates ranging from 1904 (St. Louis Exposition) to 1939 (New York Worlds Fair).

Lacy Medallion Toothpick Holders

Original Lacy Medallion was produced by U.S. Glass Company, ca. 1905. Old colors include clear crystal, transparent green, clear with ruby flashing and cobalt blue.

Cambridge Lamp in New Colors

The original Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio made a number of electric lamps based on flower frog figures. One of these original lamps used a figure called Draped Lady.

Imitation souvenir toothpick

This new ruby glass toothpick has a souvenir message printed in ink rather than the etched or engraved message found on originals. The words "Souvenir, Vicksburg, Miss. 1905" are applied in raised white lettering you can feel with your fingernail. The letters of original etchings were cut through the ruby stain and will appear as translucent frosted glass; the printed ink lettering is opaque white.

Holly Amber Sauce Dishes

Among the most desirable colors made by Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company of Greentown, Indiana, is what collectors today call "Holly Amber." Originally called Golden Agate, this unique pressed glassware was made for only six month, January to June 1903, when the factory was destroyed by fire.

New Glass Urns with More Names

The large new cut glass urns previously reported with the names of liquors such as Gin, Whiskey and Brandy are now being sold with the names of cities. A 26-inch example in clear glass is shown at right with Paris engraved on the front. There are probably other names as well. This piece was being offered as new for $275.

Jadite Advertising Rolling Pin with Raised Molded Letters

This new jadite 13-inch advertising rolling pin appeared too late to be included in the February 2004 feature article on new jadite.

New Eepergnes Offered in England

This new version of an English epergne is making the rounds of Internet auction sites and London markets. Four glass trumpets one vertical surrounded by three diagonal are held in a silver plated open work metal frame. Overall height is 12. So far the piece has appeared with two different colors of glass trumpets, cranberry and blue.