Searching for Glass

New Kitchen Jadite Glass with Decals

Jadite, pale green opaque glass, has been widely reproduced since mid-1999. Now, new Jadite in kitchen shapes are appearing with vintage-styled decals and lettering. Among the pieces available are butter dishes, shakers, mortars, sugars, creamers, cup and flower pot.

Fenton Makes New Opalescent Castor Insert

Fenton Glass has recently made an opalescent swirl pickle castor insert. White opalescent swirls run counter clockwise in a clear glass body, 5 tall, 3 dia.

More New Opaque Blue Glass - Table Settings

This four piece table setting in pale blue opaque glass is being sold through a mail order catalog for $29.95. It includes a 10 dia. dinner plate, 8 salad plate, 5 dia. bowl, and 4 tall cup. The dinner plate, salad plate and bowl are similar in shape to blue glass dinnerware by Anchor Hocking named Turquoise Blue, made 1956-1958. Vintage dinner plates sell for $25-30; salad plates, $20; bowls, $12.

Czech perfume copies now with daubers

Further improvements have been made on copies of expensive Art Deco Czech original perfumes. One way to detect previous copies was by the absence of a dauber. Now, new stoppers include a dauber. The daubers already appear on copies of some of the most sought after originals including Nudes and Pearls shown above.

Iris beaded berry bowl

New Iris (Iris and Herringbone) is being found in the southeastern states. Reproductions of the beaded edge 4 berry bowl (shown here) and the 6 tumblers are confirmed in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Depression Glass Notes - New Princess Plates

Blue Princess 9 inch dinner plates are being reproduced. The example shown in this article was purchased in an antique mall in Tennessee.

Blown Glass Perfumes

A group of new blown glass perfumes have been showing up at malls and shows. All are made of very thin glass with lots of gold decoration. The majority of these new perfumes have a distinctive twisted leafshaped stopper crimped with groovesFig. 9. About 90 of the new blown glass perfumes in this group have this stopper. The new stoppers are ground around the collar and have blown daubers. Wholesale cost is 79 each.

Old dates in modern weights

During the 1970s, Venetian glass workers made many custom items for American wholesalers of antique reproductions. Many pieces of 19th century glassware was copied including paperweights. A number of new paperweight styles were made with encased dates in imitation of famous antique paperweight makers like St. Louis and Baccarat. While not a problem for paperweight specialists, the new dated weights are frequently sold for old by general line dealers and auction houses through lack of knowledge. Telling the older dated weights from the new copies is relatively easy if you know what to look for.

New Murano Glass with Encased Figurines

Among the many sought after forms of vintage Venetian glass are pieces that feature three dimensional glass figures entirely encased in glass. Most of the encased shapes are small fish. The fish are found alone, grouped with other figures and grouped with other fish in underwater scenes. Fish alone or with another figures have no special name. Underwater scenes are generally referred to as aquarium pieces or aquarium blocks.

Robert E. Lee - Jeff Davis Piece Traced to 1961 Civil War Centennial

The milk glass item at left appears both as a flask, with a sheared mouth, and also as a vase with fluted mouth which is shown here. A photo of the flask version appears on page 707 in American Bottles Flasks and Their Ancestry, H. McKearin K. Wilson, Crown, NY 1978 (out of print).