Searching for Glass

Inverted Fan and Feather Pink Slag Tumbler Reproduction

Original pink slag appears as a swirl of pink and white glass. The reproduction tumbler below is actually a custard colored base glass with a flashed on swirl of pink paint.

New Czech Pressed Vaseline Glass Curtain Tiebacks

A wholesaler recently offered sets of vaseline glass curtain tiebacks from the Czech Republic for $15. The new glass includes uranium and fluoresces brightly under long wave black light the same as vintage vaseline glass. There is no permanent mark; the country of origin appears only on a removable paper label. Victorian originals from American glass houses such as Boston or New England Glass Co.

Coman is Mark of Modern Romanian Glass Maker

Glass marked Coman has been causing some confusion in online auctions. All items with this mark are new. The pieces are the work of Misu Coman, a glass artist from Romania.

Cameo Glass Update: Lalique and Daum

A 10-inch cameo glass vase signed Lalique! It must be rare and unlisted, right? No, just another fantasy product from Eastern European glass makers. Rene Lalique, France, Daum, Daum Nancy, Romania, Art Nouveau, Seasons, acid-etched, enamels.

New Perfume Bottles from France

An American mail order company is offering new handpainted glass perfume bottles in the Art Deco style. The two new bottles, shown here, are made in new molds made from the original ca. 1920s bottles. Imported from France - Chanille, Laurie French

Novelty Milk Glass Lanterns Copied

New battery operated lanterns with painted milk glass shades and metal bases. Left, 10 inches tall with 6 inch diameter shade; right, 6 inches tall with 3 inche diameter shade.

Perfumes from Original Czech Molds

A large group of original ca. 1920-1940 Czech glass molds, most attributed to the former companies of Henry G. Schlevogt and Heinrich Hoffmann, are being put back in production.

Confusing Jadite Measuring Cups

A confusing set of opaque green glass or jadite measuring cups has been showing up in online auctions, malls, shows and markets.