Searching for Glass

Reissue - Christmas Pattern Compote

The Christmas pattern compote is among the most rare and expensive pieces of carnival glass. It was originally produced about 1909 in purple and marigold by the Dugan Glass Company. Collectors call it the Christmas compote because holly leaves are embossed over the entire surface. In recent years, pieces have sold in the $3,000- $4,000 range. Depression glass.

New Vaseline Glass Marked Westmoreland

Two covered animal dishes marked Westmoreland have just been made available in vaseline glass through a Midwestern wholesaler. The two pieces, shown above, are a 5 lion on split rib base and a 5 chicken with split tail on a woven base. Both were made with uranium and do fluoresce under long wave black light. Red streaked milk glass, chicken, lion, Mosser, animal dish, uranium.

New Moldblown Galle

One of the more rare and expensive types of Galle cameo glass is the kind where the main pattern is mold blown also called blown out and sometimes called souffl in Europe. Although all production Gall was blown in molds to create the basic shape, the term moldblown means pieces whose raised designs were formed primarily in the mold. This is to separate them from those pieces whose designs were formed primarily by acid etching. Moldblown designs are much more highly raised and are more three dimensional than the designs created by acid etching. Since the raised designs of mold blown pieces are essentially hollow, they give the appearance as if filled with light and seem to have an internal glow.

Milk Glass Rabbits

These solid milk glass rabbits were offered by Rosso Wholesale Glass Co. Figure on the left is 5″ high and about 5″ front to back. It is made by Mosser Glass. It has been made in various other colors since the 1970s including jadite. The origin of the mold is not known. Glass animals, depression era..

How to Detect Re-worked Marbles

Several Midwestern glass workers have been reworking antique and collectible marbles. The reworked pieces are suspected of having been created from original factory scraps and original damaged marbles. These bits and pieces are heated and joined in unusual styles and color combinations that would make them very desirable if old. According to Stanley Block of Blocks Box, a leading appraiser and auctioneer of antique and collectible marbles, there are several ways to detect reworked marbles.

Additional New Styles of New Galle Cameo Glass Including Mold-blown Pieces

Reproduction cameo glass includes many new shapes as well as imitations of mold blown pieces (also called blow outs). Like much other new cameo introduced over the years past, these pieces also have a raised glass signature of ″Galle″. But these pieces are made in Romania and originally carry another raised signature of ″Tip″. Cameo reproductions from China and Taiwan.

Art Deco Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and lighting in the Art Deco style have been popular for many years. Streamlined designs of nudes, animals and geometric motifs are pleasing in themselves as well as blending in well with most interior decorating. This article will cover several groups of reproduction art Deco lamps and lighting beginning to show up in larger numbers in malls, shows and auctions.

Independence Hall Glass Bank

Many glass novelties were made for the United States Centennial Exposition of 1876 held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the more sought after items is a figural bank candy container in the shape of Independence Hall. A confusing look-alike of this piece was reproduced in the 1970s and is often mistaken for the original. Genuine old pieces were made in both white milk glass and clear crystal. Old clear pieces were priced around $350 and up; milk glass, $400 and up. Gillinder Glass, B. Shackman.

Slag glass gearshift knobs

This new glass gearshift is white opaque glass with red opaque swirls; shown here about actual size. It is made in the style of original knobs used on American cars, ca. 19201930s. This piece is made in the U.S. and distributed by a reproduction and collectible glass wholesaler. The knob fits two sizes of threading with an adapter plug which is included. Wholesale price is under ten dollars.

New Glass Reamers made from Original Molds

A number of new glass reamers--including the Westmoreland 2-pc style shown above--were reproduced in original molds. You can avoid most reproductions by learning original colors and studying mold details.