Searching for Glass

New Czech Frosted Glass Figure

Czech glass makers have always followed public demand. Between the two world wars, certain Czech pieces were close copies of Art Deco style frosted glass made by Rene Lalique. Some of the more confusing Czech pieces are similar to Laliques radiator ornaments, or car mascots.

Aladdin Shades and Lamps

Reproduction Diamond Quilted lamp (left) compared with original Aladdin (Quilt) Style B-86 sold in 1937 (right). Aladdin did not sell this pattern style in red glass. Also there is difference in the original collar (plated and depressed groove) verses the new one (smooth plain). The reproduction is 10- inches tall with six well formed feet. The quilted pattern of the reproduction is sharper than the original.

Acid Etched Forgeries of Lalique Marks

The forged Lalique engraved marks on Czech glass in the March 2001 issue prompted several subscribers to write about acid etched Lalique marks. The many letters we received made us decide to prepare this separate article which focuses only on acid etched marks. Marie-Claude - perfume - Nina Ricci

New kitchen storage jars

A new set of Depression-era styled glass storage jars has just been made. The overall shape is similar to original storage jars commonly referred to as left overs or refrigerator jars.

Cobalt glass inkwells

New cobalt glass inkwells. Left: about 3 square, silver tone screw-on cap, molded vertical columns. Right, about 1 square, brass screw-on cap, perfectly flat sides with no pattern.

New Cut Glass Urns

New cut glass "liquor jars" and "apothecary show globes" have been made. The new pieces are available in several sizes. So far they are known in 14″, 20″ and 31″. They are available in pink, clear crystal or with various colored overlays including cobalt and electric blue.

Candlewick Butter Dish in Jadite

Original Candlewick was one of Imperial Glass Corporations most popular patterns. It was introduced in 1936 and made until Imperial closed in 1984. Many of the molds have survived and are frequently used for new products. The latest new products are two butter dishes made in opaque green glass, or Jadite. The two shapes in production are 400/161 with beaded top, shown here, and 400/276 with no beads on top, commonly called California. No original Candlewick was made in Jadite.

Cut glass perfumes with colored overlays

What does $20 buy at the reproduction wholesaler? You could buy this set of four cut perfumes made in India with colored overlays. Bottles including stopper average about 5 tall. The bottles are made by pressing, not blowing. Overlays are thinly flashed in various colors on the outside. All stoppers are clear crystal cut with facets. Necks of bottles and bottoms of stoppers are very crudely ground with frosted, rough surfaces. All the stoppers in our sample group had lots of wiggle. The hand ground vintage stoppers and bottles fit together so closely they form an airtight seal.

More new milk glass marked McKee

New milk glass with the molded McKee script mark first started appearing in 1998. At that time, the only documented script McKee-marked reproduction was the double-humped camel covered dish. Other new pieces were rumored to exist, but none were proven. Three more new pieces with the McKee script mark were found in 1999.

Fire King Laurel pattern reproduced in Jade-ite

New Laurel pattern cup and saucer in imitation Jade-ite. Found in an antique mall in California. As of now, no other shapes of new Jade-ite have been found.