Searching for Glass

Daisy Button toothpick

Daisy and Button (DB) is one of the most popular patterns in pressed glass ever made. The basic pattern is made up of eightsided buttons which surround geometrically stylized flowers. The pattern was so popular that some variation of DB was made by almost every major Victorian era glass company.

Cherry Blossom

New pieces of childs Cherry Blossom were among the first pieces of depression glass to be reproduced. The reproductions began appearing in 1973 and have continued to be made to the present day.

New Cameo Glass Marked Galle (TIP)

In February 1994, ACRN reported on a new series of lamps made of high quality cameo glass with Galle marks. The new lamps are made in Romania. In additional to the raised Galle mark, each piece carries a secondary mark, TIP which is the Romanian word for type.

Sulphide Marbles

Glass marbles with sulphide figures never seen before began appearing between December 1993 and February 1994. Many of the marbles have two separate figures (Fig. 1-B) which collectors call "doubles." The problem is that before the new groups entered the market there were less than one dozen original doubles previously known. Are the recently offered doubles and singles genuine Victorian-era originals? This article will compare known old original sulphides with the unknown types that began appearing in late 1993.

Look-alike Venetian Glass

Venice, Italy has been a trading and manufacturing center for glass since the tenth century. By the 13th century Venetian glass workers were restricted to the island of Murano. As a result, both "Venetian" and "Murano" are often used to describe the same glass. In this article the term "Venetian" will be used.

3-quart Dazey Churn Reproduced

The 3-quart glass Dazey churn is now being reproduced. This latest piece joins the ever growing list of sizes available in new Dazey churns. Crank mechanism.

New Name on Repro Cameo Glass - STATESCU

A new name, STATESCU, is being found on new cameo glass made in eastern Europe. The mark, which appears on this 14-inch lamp, is shown in close up below. The mark is in raised glass and formed by acid cutting. Asking price for the lamp was $300 (USD). Romania, Europe

Another New Painted Perfume

A third new perfume has been found to match two other previously described examples. Like the first two bottles, this piece is handpainted with an Art Deco flapper lady.

New display jars from India

New glass display jars in a variety of shapes are now being made in India. The new jars attempt to copy specific vintage shapes and styles originally used from the mid-19th century through the 1920s. The new Indian jars have already been seen at spring 2003 antique shows, in online auctions, antique malls and outdoor markets.

New Greentown Glass

The Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co. of Greentown, Indiana made glass for only nine years, 1894-1903. Yet its original products, now commonly referred to as Greentown Glass, are among the most expensive pieces of antique American pressed glass.