Searching for Glass

Confusing Perfumes Resemble Vintage Originals

Classic perfume designs of the 1920-30s have inspired many new look-alike items. Many of these modern bottles made between the mid-1960s through the present day find their way into the antiques market and inevitably cause confusion.

Glass Marked MI - Mirror Images

The raised molded letters of MI is the mark of Mirror Images, a Michigan based marketing firm. This company sponsored reissues and reproduction glass made from original Heisey, Imperial, Cambridge and New Martinsville molds. Most of Mirror Images new production was handled by Imperial Glass and Viking Glass.

Miniature Glass Lamps: Old and New Burners

Miniature glass oil-burning lamps were popular from the last quarter of the 19th century through the first quarter of the 20th century, ca. 1875-1925. There is some debate over the exact use of miniature lamps. Collectors often use the names courting lamps, night lights, childrens lamps or toy lamps depending on what purpose they believe the originals lamps served.

Update on glass liquor urns

Reproduction cut glass urns with various liquors etched on the front were first reported in the June issue of ACRN. At that time, the only similar originals known were cut glass wine urns. Since then, we have found additional authentic pieces of similar shape with enamel decoration (see photo above right.)

Some childrens plates never grow old

Some items have been so widely reproduced that the copies far exceed the number of originals.

New Log Cabin lamp in milk glass

In August, 1997, ACRN reported on the appearance of new Log Cabin figural lamps. The new lamps were made in a number of colors, but only a clear glass example was available to photograph when the 1997 article went to press.

Be Very Careful with Jadite Pitchers

Be very careful if youre offered a Jadite ball-shaped pitcher. ACRN recently purchased a Jadite reproduction that is virtually an exact copy of Anchor Hockings vintage Pillar Optic pitcher (see Figs. 1 2) This pitcher was on several online auction sites the second week of June, 2001 and will probably be drifting into outdoor markets, malls and shows this summer.

Another New Fenton Insert

Fenton Glass Co. continues to expand the number of colored glass pickle castor inserts it has in production. The latest pattern to be made is Fern in vaseline opalescent. Although all Fenton products are advertised as being marked in the glass, this example is the only insert of over 20 ACRN has examined that has had the mark. It has the Fenton oval with the decade mark of 0. (9=1990 to 1999, 0=2000 to 2009, etc.).

Blue Milk Glass from Martha Stewart

Many glass items offered by Martha Stewarts mail order catalog and web site are now available in blue milk glass. A number of the new blue glass pieces are very similar in shape to antique pieces and new pieces might be confused with vintage items.

Figural glass egg cup

This figural egg cup with the face of a child is new in the market. It is being produced in an opaque green (Jadite), opaque blue (Delphite) and Ice, an iridized finish.