Searching for Glass

Venetian Glass Wines, Stirring Rods Copied

A New York design firm is currently offering a line of new Venetian glass virtually identical in design and construction to antique and collectible Venetian glass. The collection includes 11 wine glasses and 12 stirring rods, or swizzle sticks.

New Dahlia Water Set in Vaseline

A Dahlia pattern water set is currently being made in vaseline glass. The glass is made with uranium and does fluoresce under black light. Original Dahlia was never made in vaseline.

Actress Pattern Pickle Dish

Original Actress pattern pressed glass dates from the 1880s. It depicts famous actresses of the day on a large number of table service pieces. Authentic pieces were made in clear and clear with frosted areas.

Hocking Glass - Miss America Pattern

Original Miss America was made by Hocking Glass Company, ca. 1935-1938. Authentic colors include crystal, green, ice blue, jadeite and ruby red.

Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Candy Dish

Original Sharon pattern glassware, also called Cabbage Rose, was made by Federal Glass Company between ca. 19351939. New candy dishes with this pattern have been made in pink, green and blue.

Northwood Marks

Harry Northwood is one of the most well-known figures in American pressed glass. There were two distinctive marks used by Harry Northwood on various pieces of glass. The first, the Northwood "script" signature (Fig.1) originated about 1899 at his Indiana, Pennsylvania plant. You'll see it most often on the underside of custard (Ivory) glass pieces in Nautilus (Argonaut Shell), or Pagoda (Chrysanthemum Sprig), as well as blue custard (Turquoise) Pagoda pieces and opalescent examples of Northwood's "Town Pump." Although these patterns and items have been reproduced in a wide variety of colors by several different firms, none bears the Northwood script signature.

New Owl Miniature Lamp

An American supplier of reproduction lamps and lamp parts is selling a miniature owl lamp resembling a rare vintage original.

Aladdin Introduces Vaseline Three Face Oil Lamp

Glass industry insiders say Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. is about to introduce a vaseline Three Face lamp. Original by George Duncan and Sons. Early copies by L & G Wright Glass Co.

Buffalo Hunt Punch Bowl from Cambridge Everglade Mold

This pattern of Indians Hunting buffaloes was originally made by Cambridge Glass as part of its Everglade line. The original pattern is known only in a 16-inch diameter fairly flat console dish (Fig. 3) The new punch bowl is a fantasy piece; no vintage punchbowls are known in this pattern. It appears that the new punch bowl is made from the original dish mold; the sides are simply not flattened as they were in the original.

Confusing Glass Ponies - Old and New

Molds originally worked by Paden City in the 1940s are again in production. The original molds for Paden Citys 5-inch and 11-inch ponies are being worked at Mosser Glass in Ohio. These molds have been in and out of production for over 60 years. Barth Art, Dalzell Viking, Heisey, Imperial.