Searching for Glass

English 12-inch Apothecary Jars with New Labels

Large glass jars made within the last 20 years are being fitted with new paper labels making them resemble 12-inch apothecary jars. The original labels appeared on vastly smaller two ounce jars (arrow). Labels have been manipulated on a computer with Photoshop or other image-editting software and enlarged to fit the new bigger bottles. The new labels have retained their original contents size, 2oz and the original price, 1D (one penny). New labels are printed on a high quality ink jet printer which can be identified with a 10X loupe. The unprinted backs of the new labels fluoresce brightly under black light. Labels shown here are from Brown Bros. but other name could just as easily be copied.

New Dazey 4-quart Glass Bases

New glass four-quart Dazey Churns are now being made in India. There are several original styles of Dazey Churns. The style being reproduced is the one Dazey Churn collectors refer to as the Patent Date or Sloped Shoulder.

Cherry Blossom Individual Berry Bowls

Rumors of new individual-sized 4-inch Cherry Blossom pattern berry bowls have been circulating for almost a year. We finally found a sample to do a side-by-side comparison with an original.

Confusing Jar Often Sold as Old

This covered glass jar with pheasant head finial was sold during the 1970-80s by Herters, a hunting and outdoor goods supplier. Although Herters business dates back to 1893, no old counterpart of the pheasant jar ever existed. When the jar drifts into the antiques market it is almost always represented as a much older piece.

Blue milk glass fish

W.C. Red Roetteis, former sales representative of L.G. Wright Glass, has identified the small fish dish (arrow, photo below) as a product made from a former Wright mold. This was item 77-2, said Roetteis, and was listed as a fish ash tray or spoon holder. There is no known old original of this small dish.

Victorian Patterns Copied in Vaseline Glass

Pieces made to resemble two of the most popular 19th century patterns Three Face and Croesus have just been released in new vaseline glass. L. G. Wright, salt dips, R Rosso, butter dish Summit, Duncan, Riverside Glass,

L.G. Wright Epergne Mold Put Back in Production by Fenton

An epergne mold originally used by L. G. Wright in the 1940s-50s is being put back into production by Fenton Glass.

New Dolphin Dish now in Opaque Blue

A covered sauce dish with dolphin handle first seen in 2000 in white milk glass. It is now available in blue opaque glass (blue milk glass). The original piece is known only in white milk glass.


All of these so-called art glass rolling pins showing up everywhere are new. Most are about 16 long with various body colors of clear, cobalt blue, red, green and other colors. Thick threads of one or more contrasting colors are swirled through the body. The handles are solid glass, the pin is hollow.

From the planet Warehousefind

These robot/spaceman bottles have been seen in ever increasing numbers over the last six months. They are clear figural glass with molded helmets, ray guns in holsters and rockets on their backs. Facial features, a uniform and name are silkscreened in various colors. Height about 8 with a metal screw off cap with a coin slot. Each bottle is printed with a space name such as Orbit Admiral or Space Navigator.