Searching for Glass

New Cranberry Glass Rolling Pin

This blown cranberry example (Fig. 1) is the latest reproduction glass rolling pin to hit the market. It is 14 long, about 2 diameter. Just released in July 2000, examples have already been showing up in on-line auctions. It is made by Pilgrim Glass Company in the United States; wholesale price, $45.

Dugan "Mary Ann" Vase Reproduced from Original Mold

A vase originally made by the Dugan-Diamond Glass Company, ca. 1915-1920s, has been put back in production with the original molds.

Art Glass - A Closer Look at Burmese Feet

In recent ACRN articles about Burmese art glass, narrow ribbing on feet and handles was listed as a clue to modern reproductions. Although some original Mt. Washington pieces did have very broadly spaced ridges, tightly spaced narrow ribbing is almost always a sign of a reproduction.

Confusing Kitchen Glass by Kitchen Glass by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's mail order operation, Martha by Mail, is currently offering a large variety of confusing reproduction and look-alike glassware.

Art Deco cameo glass lamps marked Charder

A new line of reproduction cameo glass signed Charder is now available. Although the samples shown in this article are all lamps, the new signature undoubtedly is being used on vases and other shapes as well.

Look-alike Vase Copies Deco Lamp by Tiffin U.S. Glass

A new glass vase is virtually identical to a 1920s Art Deco lamp base by U.S. Glass made at Tiffin, Ohio. The original lamp, shown in Fig. 2, currently sells for $300-$400. The new copy, Fig. 1, is currently retailing for $40 in a mail order catalog.

Lighted Stained Glass Smoke Stand

This new 33 smoke stand has a band of slag glass around the top. It is overlaid with a pierced metal design and illuminated from the inside. It is copied from original stained glass smoke stands popular ca. 1895-1920.

Royal Lace Cookie Jar and Water Tumbler

Original pieces in cobalt blue Royal Lace are among the most scarce and expensive pieces of American depression glass. In 1996, the Royal Lace 5 ounce juice glass was reproduced in cobalt. Now, in the summer of 1997, cobalt reproduction Royal Lace 9 ounce tumblers and cookie jars have appeared.

Colored Glass Finger Lamp

This new finger lamp was once made by Fenton for a Tennessee lamp parts company. It has a 1 solid brass collar, a transparent light blue body and an applied clear glass handle. The body is 3 5/8 diameter; 3 1/2 to top of collar. Unlike the majority of reproduction oil lamps, the collar on this piece is plastered to the body. Collars on most foreign made oil lamp repros are simply glued.

New Tumblers in Royal Lace Pattern

Royal Lace has joined the list of depression-era glassware patterns that have been reproduced. The 3 ″ five ounce tumbler has now been made in blue. Hazel Atlas.