Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Buddy L Trucks Copied

Reproductions of four Buddy L trucks are now being delivered to customers with a fifth model scheduled to be available in several more months.

Brass Candy Box Dated 1914

Here's yet another example of mass produced products with intentionally confusing markings. Not once but twice does the date 1914 appear on the lid of this brass candy box: very large in the center and has Christmas 1914 at the bottom. Around the border, appear the name of Russia, France, Japan, Serbia, Belgium, and Monte Negro. The mark on the bottom Royal Sheffield would suggest it was made in England.

Whistle, Bells and Mother of Pearl

Here's another copy of a Victorian crib toy. This model has a nursery rhyme-type figural on the top with bells on his feet; his pointed cap is a whistle.

New Lead Penny Toys

A dealer at a midwestern flea market was recently offering several different miniature cast lead penny toys. By the time we heard about them and got to the booth, this was the only one left. Our sample cost $10. All the toys were of turn of the century steam powered equipment.

Rooster cocktail shaker

another $1,000+ Deco shaker reproduced

New cast iron lamp bridges from China

Bridge lamps are named for an arm or "bridge" that holds the bulb and shade out and away from the lamp base (see Fig. 1). They were at the height of their popularity during the 1920's and early 1930's. The majority were cast iron; better quality versions were brass. Figural bridges can double or quadruple the price over lamps with ordinary or plain bridges.

Head Vases Reproduced

New head vases are available around the country. The 6″ high example shown below was purchased in an antique mall for $22. The seller had 20 pieces of the example shown. A similar new head vase was also purchased in a gift shop for $20.

New Halloween Collectibles - A Variety of Items and Figures now Available

Reproductions of Halloween collectibles aren't limited to jack-o-lanterns. There are a number of new products made in the style of vintage Halloween collectibles.

Cast Iron Cowboy Andirons

The southwest and cowboy decorating craze has apparently inspired these new cast iron cowboy andirons. Height 19, 12 wide and 19 front to back. Made in the United States by a New England blacksmith shop.

Cast Iron Coca-Cola Waiter

This 8 painted cast iron figure is sold as either a trinket holder or doorstop. In either case, no old original like it was ever made. The Coca-Cola script logo appears on the tray held in the figures hands.