Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Fake ambrotypes forged on plastic

A new generation of faked ambrotypes are being seen in the market. Photographic image specialist Wesley Cowan of Historical Americana Auction told ACRN of recently examining a faked ambrotype of George A. Custer.

Tiffany expert indicted on 5 counts

Alastair Duncan, noted expert and author on the products of Louis Comfort Tiffany, was indicted May 18,1999 in Manhattan, New York district court for allegedly buying and selling Tiffany windows stolen from cemeteries and mausoleums.

Laboratory analysis of wood

In theory, one of the easiest ways to catch fakes, repairs and reproductions is to compare the material a suspect is made of to the material from a known original. But who of us can say if the wood in that mahogany table is Swietenia, central American mahogany as used in early American furniture, or made of Shorea, Philippine mahogany and a present day reproduction?