Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Wanted Poster Update

A second generation of fake FBI wanted posters is already in the market. The main difference between the first generation of fakes and old was that fakes did not have a fingerprint chart. The fingerprint chart is a major feature of originals.

End of Cinnabar, Plastics Banded

Trade reports from Asia suggest that cinnabar is no longer being made in China. The situation is blamed on plastic factories from Taiwan which specialize in reproduction cinnabar. Mainland workers claim plastic has all but destroyed the trade in traditional handmade Chinese cinnabar.

Detecting Fake Marks on Western Leather

Norm Truesdell of Texas wrote ACRN about a great way to detect forged makers marks on vintage leather holsters and other Cowboy and Western leather items. He described how he uses a black light when examining these items.

Federal Agents Bust Fake Sports Memorabilia Ring

nationwide scam may top $100 million

Pokemon Counterfeit Cards

Nothing brings out counterfeits like fads and crazes. Adults have always been tempted by fake Picassos and Gucci handbags. Now kids have to beware cheap copies of wildly popular Pokémon cards.

Classic Marilyn Monroe 1950s calendars copied

Two new versions of a classic Marilyn Monroe pin up calendar are circulating through the market. Both versions have calendar pages dated with the year 1955. Both are treated to appear old with slightly discolored paper and darkened edges.

Major League Baseball to mark memorabilia

In response to a growing scandal over fake and forged sports collectibles, Major League Baseball has announced a plan to mark baseball memorabilia before it leaves the stadium.

More on Marx playsets

The August 1997 issue of ACRN listed a number of Marx playsets currently being reproduced. ACRN has since learned a number of other Marx playsets were also reproduced in the early 1990s. These other sets are now out of production and no longer available.

Dating marble in Victorian furniture

Two of the best indicators of age and authenticity of marble used in Victorian furniture, 18401885, is color and thickness. Virtually all original 19th century marble measures a full 1516th of an inch. Modern marble replacements by contrast measure only 34. Although not easily seen by the eye, this is easily measured with any inexpensive set of calipers or ruler.

Forged Tiffany marks on clock faces

A new technique is being used to apply fraudulent markings to clock faces. The forger is using black rubon lettering. Such lettering comes in sheets sold at art supply stores. Individual letters are transferred to an object off the carrier sheet by pressing or rubbing.