Searching for Vintage Collectibles

New Phonographs in Floor Models

Reproduction wind up phonographs with morning glory horns are now available in floor models. The first series of these outside horn reproductions were made as table top models (see ACRN Dec 200). Both styles of new machines are made in India and Pakistan.

1914 Patriotic Flag Photo Copied

Recent events have produced a number of reproductions expressing patriotic themes. This 16 by 26 black and white print is a good example. The original image is a photograph documenting a 95- by 50-foot American flag produced by Amoskeag Mills of Manchester, New Hampshire in 1914.

More new figural bridge lamp parts

Four more cast iron figural arches for bridge lamps are in the market (for others, see October 1999 ACRN). Like the previously reported pieces, this group is also copied from originals used in lamps during the 1920s through the 1930s.

Blimp, Clipper silver pins

Copies of vintage aviation-related silver pins are appearing in the market. Shown here are a 3-inch blimp and a 2-inch Pan Am Clipper-type seaplane.

New Zeppelin Cocktail Shaker

Its hard to decide when a trend starts. When the first Roseville Pottery reproduction vase appeared, it couldnt be foreseen that within six months over 100 new Roseville shapes would be in the market. Art Deco era cocktail shaker - the Zeppelin.

Pairpoint Puffy Lamp Copies Sold a Lowes

Reproductions of Pairpoint Puffy lamps are now being sold at Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse. Advertising circulars distributed in November 1999 promoted several different shade styles complete with base for $99.97.

Blackamoor Banania Advertising Therometer

Another new Banania item featuring a blackamoor has come into the market. This time the trademark smiling blackamoor with spoon is shown on the top of a ceramic 12 thermometer. The thermometer is in a high gloss glaze in bright yellow finish which is also a traditional Banania color.

Arcade 4 Receiving Jars Reproduced

An original Arcade 4 wall mounted coffee grinder sells for about $400-$450. The small glass container that catches the ground coffee (see arrow Fig. 1) accounts for over half that amount selling for $200-$250 if found separately.

Decals for coffee mills

Reproductions of decals originally used on doublewheel cast iron coffee mills are now available. The new decals are for use on mills manufactured by Enterprise; Landers, Frary Clark; Parker; Elgin; and Fairbanks Morse. Most mills require sets of from six to twenty decals. Cost is 4.50 per decal when purchased in sets.

Canadian Patent Numbers 1824-2002

Research by Richard Cushing