Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Another Sewing Bird Copy

Sometimes, the easiest way to detect reproductions is to ask yourself, Could this product perform the function for which is was designed If you ask that question, you dont need to be an expert on sewing birds to know the piece in Fig. 1 is not authentic.

Unusual Railroad Items Reproduced

Most reproductions and reissues of railroad collectibles are either dinnerware, giveaways or hardware such as padlocks or watch fobs. The new posters and particularly the lampshade are quite a departure from what has previously been made.

New Sounds of the Past - Reproduction Phonographs

Outside-horn phonographs have been manufactured in India and Pakistan since the 1980s. Only recently, however, have they become so common that they are now showing up on a regular basis in on-line auctions and at malls, shows and flea markets. Here are some simple guidelines to avoid the fakes anyone can quickly learn.

More on New Goat Cart

A new cast iron goat pulling a pressed steel cart with cast iron wheels was recently shown in a past article. At that time we couldnt located any old counterpart. Subscriber Ruth Smelser recognized the piece as a copy of a Hubley original (shown below in original catalog illustration). The original cart was available with figures in the cart which included the Yellow Kid, a 19th century comic character. The reproduction has a slot in the cart in which the original figures would be placed.

Cast Iron Mantel Ornaments

These new small cast iron figures are copies of Victorian era counterparts. Figures like these were typically used to decorate modest fireplace cottage fireplace mantels, gardens and occasionally grave sites. Victorian cast iron garden ornaments.

Snakes in the grass

Faked "folk art" iron snakes have recently been offered at shows in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. The new snakes are made of old iron files. They are painted and come in at least several sizes. All have been priced at several hundred dollars. In August, two similar snakes were withdrawn from Skinner's Americana sale because of concerns about age.

Lawn Size Cast Iron Rooster

A large cast iron rooster made in the style of 19th century lawn and garden ornaments is on the market. The piece is 25″ high by 12″ wide. It comes from the factory with a "distressed" and rusted finish that simulates age.

New Minstrel Folk Toy

This black minstrel dancing toy is currently being offered by a large antique reproduction wholesaler. It loosely resembles vintage dancing toys of a similar design. It is made of brightly colored hand painted carved wood.

More High Priced Lunchboxes Reproduced

The number of classic metal lunch boxes back in production just keeps growing. Two of the latest victims are the Lost in Space and Underdog. Thermos. Marked United States. Aladdin, Ohio Art, Rom Corbett, Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers,

More High Priced Lunch Boxes Reproduced

The number of classic metal lunch boxes back in production just keeps growing. Two of the latest victims are the Lost in Space and Underdog. Also, Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Howdy Doody and Tom Corbett.