Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Antiques Roadshow Appraisal of Carousel Figure Debated

The authenticity of a carousel figure appraised at $30,000 to $45,000 on a recent Antiques Roadshow program is being debated by carousel dealers and collectors. Gustav and William Dentze well-known makers of vintage carousels.

Coke Fantasy Pieces Continue to Fool

You won't find this piece in most books on Coca-Cola collectibles is because it was never made by or authorized by Coca-Cola. It is what collectors call a "fantasy item," a new piece created solely by reproduction wholesalers. Despite the prominent 1901 and earlier dates, no old counterpart to this piece ever existed in the 19th century or any other time.

Previously Unreported Fake Tiffany Buckle

The Marine Corps buckle shown here is a previously unknown Tiffany fake. The majority of the fake buckles marked Tiffany date from the mid to late 1970s although production continued at least through the 1980s.

New Castor Frame

A new pickle castor frame is now available. Unlike other new castor frames which are nickel plated, this particular model is plated with real silver. The frame measures 13 inches overall with an insert opening of 3 inches. New frames are selling for $25 each and include the six-inch tongs shown below.

Look At Herb Crushes Very Carefully

A $24 kitchen tool from India is being widely represented as an early American herb crusher priced at $350 to $950. A Michigan dealer of 37 years experience told ACRN she saw these new pieces at five separate shows in one week in Vermont. One dealer told her he turned down $400 for his example.

New Pub Jugs with Advertising

A variety of new pub jugs, a British word for pitchers, with color advertising on the side have arrived from England. Advertising on vintage jugs used in neighborhood pubs was usually limited to items logically sold in a pub such as beverages, mostly alcoholic, and occasionally tobacco. Images on the new jugs feature images taken from many products never sold in pubs such as lawn tennis posts, hair dyes. lawn mowers and poultry feed.

Update on Halloween die cuts

The November 2003 cover article on Halloween reproductions included new crescent moon die cuts. When that issue went to press, we were unable to locate the specific originals from which the reproductions were copied.

Cast iron from Paris waterworks?

Call it nostalgia or antique and apparently people will buy any new product. We thought it was strange in August 2001 when we found reproduction cast iron valve covers from early 20th century American waterworks being made into small tables (see ACRN August 2001). But now you can buy a similar reproduction copied from the Paris waterworks.

World War I Ashtray

A World War I style tank is mounted on this new brass ashtray. The tank and tray are two separate pieces of cast brass held together by two screws under the tank. Front to back, 5; 2 tall. Price $19.50 from mail order catalog.

New Pond Sailboats Closer to Originals

Pond sailboats, also called pond yachts, have been exploding in price since the mid-1990s. In autumn of 2001, an example brought $4,050 at auction, believed to be a world record. Vintage pond sailboat hulls, keel, rudders, masts, yards, arms, spars, rigging and hatch covers.