Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Furniture Trim:

by JJ (Jake) DuPre

1939 Worlds Fair Airplane Lamp

In the last few months of 1993, a series of new Art Deco lamps was introduced featuring a chrome plated metal airplane on glass bases. One of the glass bases is a copy of a 1939 New York Worlds Fair commemorative bottle.

Lamps from new tin toys

A Maryland artist is making lamps from reproduction tin toys. Although perfectly legitimate as decorators items, pieces like these almost always end up causing confusion in the collectibles market when they are resold a second and third time.

New Globe-Wernicke stack bookcase labels

New labels for Globe-Wernicke stacking bookcases are being sold in online auctions. The reproduction labels, which are direct copies of authentic originals, have been sold since at least April, 2002.

The truth about Dazey churns

New Dazey churns have been bringing four figure prices across the United States. Of three new styles being made, the most troublesome has been a six-inch version which is being offered as a salesman sample.

Patriotic wood carvings

new imports from Indonesia copy American folk art forms and themes

New bank marked Occupied Japan

New ceramic mammy banks are now being sold with Made in Occupied Japan markings. The new banks are copied from a vintage ceramic bank made in Japan from the late 1930s through the mid 1950s.

Dale Tiffany and Louis Comfort Tiffany

Since it was founded in 1979, Dale Tiffany Inc. has specialized in reproducing leaded lamps designs first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, ca. 1890-1920s. There is no other relationship.

Wall-sized Copies of Classic Poster

Reproductions of a classic 1933 King Kong movie poster are now available in a 29 x 84 format.

New Opaque Blue Glass Batter Bowl

New blue opaque glass or Jadite, has been widely reproduced since early 1999. Now opaque blue is being copied.