Searching for Vintage Collectibles

New lamps

New lamps continue to appear in many different styles and shapes. The new bankers lamp, near right, is loosely based on an Art Nouveau shape. It has a butterfly design in the iron frame that holds the glass shade.

Parrot bridge lamp arm

ACRN recently noticed this cast iron figural parrot in a lamp supply catalog. It is the style used for bridge lamps where the shade is held at the end of the arm, or bridge, which extends the light above a seated person for reading. Original bridge lamps were fitted with electric bulbs and made from ca. 1920-1940.

Think Before Sinking Money in Titantic Trinkets

Sample of Titanic props offered in J. Peterman mail order catalog. Items shown are 6 cut glass pitcher, silver plated ashtray and caviar set.

European Black Memorabilia Advertising Images from 1920s Reproduced

A series of kitchen related advertising pieces are being reproduced with black images. Each piece has the logo of a black man wearing a fez and the word Banania. Banania was a European brand of chocolate powder popular during the 1920s primarily in France and Belgium. The African theme represents the source of early 20th century European cocoa which was Ghana and the Ivory Coast. So far new Banania pieces include a 6 ceramic bowl with logo in relief (raised) and two metal canisters. One canister is marked Farine (flour), 3 x 3 x 7; the other Epices (spices), 3 x 5 x 7. Each new piece sells for about $20 retail. New piece are marked with the modern copyright symbol . Originals unavailable for comparison.

Animal Sulphide Marble Look-alike

ACRN recently purchased three new sulphide style marbles with animal figures through the mail. Figures included a turtle, cat with ball of yarn and a rabbit in 2 diameter clear glass marbles. None should give experienced marble buyers any problems because of their crude construction and use of brightly colored figures.

Additional Touchmark on New Figural Napkin Rings

James Mackie, a modern maker of new figural napkin rings has a second style of maker's mark (touchmark).

Orange Tree Doorstop

This new cast iron doorstop is made in China. Its about 10 high and 6 1/2 wide and painted in naturalistic colors. Price has sold for around $20 retail. Under long wave black light, the new paint turns dark. Generally, original paint on old cast iron is the same color under black light as in ordinary light. Most new paints on new cast iron either fluoresce under black light or turn very dark.

Furniture Reproductions from Indonesia

Indonesia has the two essential ingredients for manufacturing reproduction furniture: cheap labor and cheap wood. Furniture manufactures use the low cost labor to attempt to duplicate the hand carved details found on original antique furniture such as elaborately carved legs, detailed ornaments and intricately shaped forms.

Early FisherPrice toy copied

Dr. Doodlea wooden duck on wheelswas the first toy offered by FisherPrice(FP) Toys ca.1933. A new Dr. Doodle nearly identical to the original was reproduced in 1995. It is being marketed as the first in a series "limited edition" toys which copy highly sought after FP originals.

Black Americana Figural Toothpick or Matcholder

This new piece of a black boy standing by a barrel is made of solid cast white metal. It has a polished finish that imitates Victorian silver plating. Sold for $16 from an antique reproduction wholesale firm. About 3 1/2" high by 3 1/2" wide. No marks.