Searching for Vintage Collectibles

And speaking of Russia...

There continues to be no shortage of new Russian icons to go around. Many new pieces are now copying specific well-known originals.

New Sailor Doorstop

Theres a new cast iron sailor doorstop appearing in the market. It measures 14-inches tall, weighs about 10 lbs. and is currently offered by several catalogs for $55 retail.

Mechanical Castor Frame Back in Production

The latest new pickle castor mechanical frame is a reproduction of a reproduction.

Frankly, my dear, I dont give a....

New figural bookends are confusing collectors of movie memorabilia and Gone with the Wind fans.

How to Detect New Figural Napkin Rings

Because many of the most valuable original rings are those on wheels, they are frequently targets for forgeries and reproductions. This article will discuss the guidelines to detect most fakes with wheels.

Westmoreland Lamps from Mixed Parts

In December 1999, Karen and Dave Jacobs listed a Westmoreland hand painted Roses Bows lamp (Fig. 1) on eBay the Internet auction site. By the time the auction closed, the lamp received 24 bids with an ending price of $1,006. Fenton, Summit Glass and Rosso Glass. Roses and Bows Pattern.

Other new match safes

There are many other new non-silver match safes in the market. Many of the more frequently seen are cast iron and brass stand alone safes like those shown in Figs. 3-4 A fly, turtle and frog are the most common. New pieces typically have crude casting seams and obvious grinding marks left by power tools. Originals virtually never shown grinding marks.

New plaster pieces have look of age

Over the last six months, weve seen wholesalers offering more and more Art Nouveau and Art Deco plaster sculptures. Previous castings of Nouveau and Deco styles have typically been in synthetic resins (plastics) and have been relatively easy to detect with a careful examination. The new plaster pieces are not so easy to spot. Our recent samples show new plaster to be of quite good detail and quality.

Confusing New Deco Shaker

A highly sought after Art Deco figural cocktail shaker, the Napier Penguin, has been reproduced. Originals have sold for as much as $1400; the new reproduction originally cost $48. 1936 Napier Penguin

Repro padlock looks old

This 3 brass padlock appears to be a turn-of-century original. Its not; its a reproduction.