Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Batter Up ... for one more new Cane

This cane was made from a genuine Louisville Slugger 29-inch baseball bat. It is another tribute to the creativity and resourcefulness of America's reproduction entrepreneurs.

New Ecclesiastical Products

Vintage items used in home worship or in formal services referred to as ecclesiastical items are becoming increasingly popular with collectors. Although items of many faiths are collected, the most interest is in material from three religions: Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox and Judaic. Icons.

Black Americana - Kitchen Towels and Tablecloths Copied

New towels and tablecloths based on black memorabilia originally sold ca. 1940-1950s has just appeared. Images on the new pieces have been copied from vintage originals and silk screened on 100 percent cotton. This is the same technique and material used in most originals.

Poor quality a clue to new cast iron

Lots of new cast iron is being copied from period originals, especially Art Deco and Art Nouveau figures. Most of these new pieces, like the candlestick shown here, can be detected by poor quality construction. Feet and hands are particularly good keys to quality because they require sharp detail to appear realistic. New pieces in more complicated shapes are often made in several pieces and welded together. The welded sockets on this new candlestick, for example, are very awkwardly positioned.

New Brass Instruments with Wood Cases

The new brass scientific instruments made in India since the late 1990s, are frequently offered in new custom-fitted wood cases.

Huge ABC plate

If you cant make it better, make it bigger, right? That seems to be the philosophy behind this giant-sized pressed steel ABC plate. It measures a huge 12-inches. The same style is also available in 9, 6, and 4-inch sizes. The largest vintage metal ABC plates are very rarely over 6-to 7-inches. Both the 12- and 9-inch sizes should automatically be viewed with suspicion because of their unusual size.

Craftsman-style Lamp

The frame of this new lamp is made of quartersawn oak in a Craftsman-era style. The shade and four body panels are made of leaded glass. Its 23-inches tall; the shade is 7- by 15-inches.

New Bulldog Humidor - Detail and Marks

We first reported this ceramic bulldog humidor in July 1999. Another example surfaced with the incised mark XOMEX as shown here. This example also had the original Made in China label confirming its recent foreign manufacture. This inside of the piece is unglazed; there is a place for a sponge in the hat. No old counterpart was located.

Lithophane Lamps from Maxfield Parrish Illustrations

An American lamp wholesaler is offering lamps with colored lithophane shades copied from original illustrations by Maxfield Parrish, one of the most popular artists of the 20th century.

Coca-cola Fantasies - Glass Jars and Cabinet Hardware

The script Coca-Cola trademark is probably one of the most recognizable corporate symbols ever created. Since its invention in 1886, the Coca-Cola trademark has appeared on thousands of items which are now all avidly collected by Coke enthusiasts.