Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Black Americana - Reproduction Kitchen Hooks

These 5-inch Black Americana reproduction kitchen hooks were copied from pieces first sold in the 1940-1950s. Originals are made of poured plaster. The reproductions are made of cast plastic. Reproductions are being offered for $35 a pair. That price is about the selling price of originals which is only about $30 to $40.

New Toy Resembles Old Parlor Games

This new marble toy made of wood is similar to late 19th century tabletop parlor games. It resembles an old baseball field measuring 24 by 24 by 15 inches. Players at home base shoot steel marbles into various pockets.

The Latest Aladdin Reproductions

Several reproductions of Aladdin lamps and accessories entered the market in fall of 2003. One piece, a brass insect screen, has not been reproduced before. Two styles of lamps which were first reproduced in 2002, Vertique and Diamond Quilt, are now being made in additional more confusing colors. The following tips will help you separate these latest reproductions from the original items.

Cleverly Forged Advertising Prints

Beware of forged advertising with "Winchester" superimposed over various Currier and Ives images. Placed under glass and framed with brass chain borders, these fakes were first reported by ACRN in September, 2000.

Confusing Art Deco Figural Perfumes

New flapper girl figural ceramic perfumes are being made in original ca. 1920s molds. At least two different styles of 3 bottles are being offered.

New Shaker Seed Boxes

Most collectors associate the Shakers with products such as furniture, quilts, household gadgets, farming tools and implements. Many may not realize Shakers were responsible for many firstssuch as condensed milk, flat brooms and offering seeds for sale in paper packages. The wooden boxes Shakers crafted to display their seeds in 19th and early 20th century country stores are very collectible. Those Shaker seed boxes are now being reproduced.

Old Doorknobs Etched with Collectible Names and Trademarks

Genuinely old door knobs in porcelain and glass are being etched with trademarks and logos of highly collectible companies. The etching is about one-sixteenth of an inch deep below the surrounding surface. After etching, the artwork and lettering are inked in matching colors: Coca-Cola is red, Ford is blue, etc. No old doorknobs are known that resemble these new products. Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet

Look-alike Minature Ivory

King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I are among the 2-2 figures in a new series of ivory look-alike miniature containers.


Mention cinnabar and different persons very often think of very different meanings. Although many loosely associate the word with Asian arts and antiques, few can offer a precise definition.

Confusing Black Figure String Holders

At first glance, this 9 wall string holder appears to be a vintage 1930s-1960s product. It is currently available from at least one mail order catalog for $37. Similar authentic figural black memorabilia wall string holders can sell for $175-$245.