Searching for Vintage Collectibles

New Sewing Bird

A sewing bird is a clamp, usually fastened to a table, to hold fabric for hemming or embroidery. The first sewing clamps were individually forged in the first quarter of the 19th century. By the mid-1800s, sewing birds were factory-made of iron and or brass. Some clamps were figural including birds which gives the clamp its name.

Griswold #50 Heart-Star Pan Reproduced

ACRN received two separate reports in March describing reproduction Griswold 50 Heart-Star cast iron pans. The 50 is among the most sought after cast iron Griswold pieces with authentic pans selling for $1,250-$1,500.

Forgeries of Common Stamps and Information on Who Made Them

Many stamps, like the Colombian Exposition issue in Fig. 1, have strong crossover appeal to non-stamp collectors because of the subject matter. The problem is, how do you know what you're buying once you step out of your field? Does a Chicago World's Fair collector/dealer have the experience to evaluate a stamp?

New Keen Kutter padlock

Reproduction Keen Kutter brass padlocks are being reported around the country and on Internet auction sites. Originals sell for $90-$125. The new sample shown above was purchased for $10 at a Western collectibles show and sale.

Tobacco cards copied

Sets of reproduction tobacco cards are making the rounds of flea markets and antique shows this winter. ACRN purchased samples printed in sepia (brown) tones and mounted on cardboard for $3 each. Originals sell for $25-$100 and up depending on subjects and company brand.

Reproduction picture buttons

Picture buttons are among the most popular and expensive of antique buttons. They are almost always made of metal and constructed of two or more separate pieces or layers. Designs include animals, birds, insects, occupations, sports, and famous persons to name a few of the more popular categories. Picture buttons based on well known subjects from fairy tales, operas, literature, poetry or folk tales are called story buttons.

Keen Kutter Fakes and Reproductions

There has recently been a large increase of fake, fraudulent and reproduction Keen Kutter items. Wholesale reproduction importers are mass producing everything from cast iron boot jacks, match holders, hatchets and dealer signs. Do-it-yourself forgers are taking old, unmarked inexpensive clocks, scales and tools by other manufacturers and adding the Keen Kutter name. This article will look at some of the typical fakes and forgeries and outline some tests on how to catch them. Simmons hardware, Shapleigh,Frost Cutlery, Crosly Group, Vaughn & Busnel

Reproduction of 1930s Lighthouse Lamp

This new figural lighthouse lamp is a copy of a 1930s era original. The new lamp is made of pot metal with an antique brass finish; the original is solid brass. Windows at the top are white glass in both new and old.

Bedtime for Roy & Trigger

In 1990s, a mail order supplier offered a line of Roy Roger items in 1950s styled bedroom accessories. They included plush cotton chenille spreads, pillows and covers with embroidered designs, satin pillows with appliques, and pillows with photo prints. The special pillow shown here included sequins in star shapes and a facsimile autograph. Some of these items are now showing up at toy shows and TV collectibles sales as original 1950s goods. King and queen sized spreads and covers are obviously new because no 1950s originals were made in those sizes. The appliqued satin pillows and photo pillows are polyester which wasnt in widespread use until the late 1960searly 1970s. All items originally made in the USA.

Red Riding Hood Tin Tea Set Reproduced

The Little Red Riding Hood childrens tin tea set originally made by Ohio Art, an American toy company, is now reproduced in China. Designs on the new pieces and the shapes are direct copies of the originals. ACRN paid 20 for the new 13 piece set which included 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers and one tea pot.