Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Lone Ranger Rides Again

A vintage Lone Ranger metal windup toy is now being reproduced. The new Lone Ranger figure on a semicircular rocker base matches a similar toy with Roy Rogers reported in the March 2004 issue of ACRN

Fake and fantasy bags of marbles

Bags of new marbles with faked paper headers first began appearing in the market during the mid to late 1990s. When ACRN did our first report on these bags in April 2000, there were thought to be around 50 different new bags. Since then the number of new bags in the market has probably tripled or quadrupled. New bags appear each month.

New glass jars and bins

More country store-type display jars and bins are coming into the market. These latest pieces copy brand names and their general appearance from vintage originals. Even if you havent handled the originals, most of these reproductions are fairly easy to detect.

Classic trike reproduced

So you dont want to pay about $3,00 for an original 1936 Sky King tricycle Now you can buy a virtually identical copy for $200. Reproductions, made in Taiwan, are available in red, pink and black. The original was made by the Junior Toy Corporation in the United States.

Gas Sign Reproduced in Painted Wood

A contemporary "folk" artist made wood copies of White Eagle Gasoline signs. The new signs were sold through at least one nationally circulated mail-order catalog for $145. New signs have a distressed finish to simulate natural aging and weathering.

Recycled material resembles folk rag art

Working bits and pieces of wool and cotton scraps into rugs and other utilitarian objects was a popular 19th century American folk art. Most persons are familiar with such work generally called hooked rugs, but the work can also take form other than rugs.

Figural Ceramic Reamer

This figural monkey lemon-size reamer from an original German mold is one of the latest releases from the German Doll Co.(GDC). This company owns several thousand original molds and has been putting selected items back into production since early 2001. New products made so far include a wide variety of ceramic bathing beauties and mermaids.

German-style Paper Mache from Original Molds

New paper mache products from original molds continue to be made in late 19th and early 20th century styles. The latest group includes Easter related designs released in early 2002. Chanticleer, rooster, Bethany, hen, eggs, Germany, lithograph, candy box, rabbit.

New Art Deco Sculpture Looks Old

This new nine-inch sculpture sold through a mail-order gift catalog is much better quality than bronze look-alikes offered by reproduction wholesalers. Most inexpensive reproductions are actually made of iron with a painted patina. This piece is solid brass with a genuine patina; that is a surface color produced by treating the surface with chemicals and heat. We found our sample offered at $45 retail.

Seaside Childs Cup and Saucer Reproduced in Tin

This new tin cup and saucer are copied from a turn-of-the-century original. The cup is titled, A Present from the Seaside. Gold colored tin is printed with full-color images of Victorian children playing at the beach. Scenes include building sand castles, wading in the surface, playing with toy sailboats, etc.