Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Brass match holder

This reproduction brass match holder has just appeared in the market. It is solid brass with a dark antique finish, 11 tall, 3 wide.

More wanted posters: in storage for over 60 years

More FBI wanted posters keep turning up. Now a catalog offering collectors items is selling what they describe as genuine FBI wanted posters of John Dillinger issued May 21, 1934. According to the catalog, these posters ...remained in storage for over 60 years and have only recently become available. The price is $399 each including a frame.

Reissues of Classic Tin Toys by Paya

The majority of new items reissued from original molds are most often made of glass or pottery. But Paya, a Spanish toy maker, has put early 20th century molds and machinery back in production to make metal toys.

Classic metal lunchboxes reissued

Two Roy Rogers metal lunchboxes are back in production as limited editions. Originals were made by American Thermos (King Seeley Thermos) in the mid 1950s. Originals should have some printed reference to being made in the U.S.A by Thermos which was located in Connecticut. Reproductions are made overseas. Price of new boxes, $60 each. Comparable authentic boxes sell for $150$250.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Tin Tea Set

This new metal toy tea set features scenes from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It has full color printing on red trimmed backgrounds. The same metal blanks are used in a similar reproduction set featuring Little Red Riding Hood(see ACRN April 1997). The new sets consist of 13 pieces: four 4 plates, four cups, four 2 3/4 saucers and a 3 tall teapot.

The Japanese Patent Numbering System

A Japanese figural ceramic teapot has a thick, clear glaze which is uniformly and heavily crazed suggesting that it is old, but just how old The seller says the Japanese toy dates to the 1920s but how can you be sure With increased interest in preWorld War II Japanese ceramics and toys, it is becoming increasingly important to establish accurate dates for Japanese made products. This article introduces the Japanese patent system which helps establish approximate production dates for original Japanese collectibles and can help you avoid recently made reproductions.

New Mammy Toothpick Holder Marked Nippon

This new 3 ceramic mammy toothpick holder has been seen priced 7595 in many spring shows up and down the east coast including Atlantic City. It is a fantasy item made up for a Pennsylvania antique reproduction wholesaler which sells them for 1.50. No piece like this toothpick holder was ever made with an authentic Nippon mark. Marks with the word Nippon were originally used only until 1921. Sample provided for photography courtesy Joan Van Patten.

Teddy bear on cast iron wheels

This new 10 bear on wheels has a jointed stuffed body mounted on a tube steel frame with cast iron wheels. The head turns 360; black shoe button styled eyes of plastic; red leather muzzle and collar; a button is sewn in the right ear. The fur is simulated gold mohair. Black light shows extensive use of modern glue and modern synthetic threads which both fluoresce brightly. The cast iron wheels are too rough and there are crude welds on the frame. Cost new, 52.

Fire Warden Badges Made From Old Dies

David Hunt, author of A Guide to Collecting Hunting and Fishing Licenses of New York State reports a California firm is making New York fire ranger and fire warden dies from original old molds. The new badges are selling for about $25-40. Firewardens were appointed by the Conservation Commission/Department for the purpose of preventing and fighting forest fires in the drought season. Davids book is available for $21 ppd. by writing the author at: PO Box 654, Margaretville, NY 12455.

New Cast Iron - Doorstop, Toy, Nodder

This new cast iron alligator and black child is 6 long, 3 1/2 high; the childs head moves. This piece has been offered as a toy, a paperweight and wedgestyle door stop. It arrives new with a distressed finish including paint chips, scratches, simulated stains, etc.