Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Mid-century TWA poster reproduced

Another mid-20th century airline poster has recently been copied. This time its a promotion for TWA Super Skyliners. The new poster is full color, 38 inches by 26 inches.

New Gibson Labels Available on the Internet

Gibson guitars and banjos are among the most eagerly collected and expensive musical instruments. Counterfeit labels with the Gibson name are now being sold through several web sites and mail order offers. One type of authentic Gibson label and a corresponding new label are shown below.

Perfume Advertising Carpet

Another new carpet copied from a perfume label has been made. This latest piece is based on an Evrard Chartres label. It imitates the look of a hooked rug and is 40 inches in diameter.

Presidential Campaign Flags Reproduced

There are a variety of new political campaign banners in the form of flags being made. Originals of these flags can run from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. A New York state firm makes at least 18 different new flags that sell for a little as $10 each.

Store-size Coca-Cola Metal Rack

A store-sized metal Coca-Cola rack is now being sold. The rack has a large metal sign at the top resembling a bottle cap. Reproductions of Coke Coca-Cola memoriabila.

Fabric labels on Handel lamps

Two authentic Handel marks appear as fabric strips. One is Handel, the other is Handel Lamps.

Fake Geronimo World's Fair Belt Buckle

Heres a unique combination a metal belt buckle with Geronimos portrait and marked St. Louis Exposition, 1904. This piece is in gray metal, apparently a lead brass mix.

Hand carved wood canes

Figural cane heads of hand-carved hardwoods are being exported from the Czech Republic. Five of the new canes are shown above. Left to right, subject followed by wood species: bearded man in hat, walnut; eagle, elm; fighting lions, walnut; old woman, cherry; ram head, pear. Heads are mounted on matching hardwood shafts, total length is 36. We found the canes shown above at $59 each.

New Pickle Castor Frame

New pickle castors are running through the antiques market with a vengeance this spring. Recently, the new frame in Fig. 1 with a new cut overlay insert sold for $660 on eBay. The same new castor frame with a new Daisy and Button vaseline glass insert was sold for $225 at the same site.

Toys Reproduced in Paper, Wood and Cloth

When many people think of reproduction toys, they often limit their concerns to elaborate mechanical banks, complicated wind ups, character toys or fancy space toys. But while toys of cast iron and die stamped tin certainly are widely copied, buyers often forget to be wary of simpler toys made of paper, wood and cloth.