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Treasure from Spanish galleons questioned

Florida authorities are investigating the age of gold coins claimed to have been salvaged from Spanish treasure ships. The coins in question have been offered with certificates of authenticity at a shop operated by famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher. Gold and silver coins, precious stones and other artifacts in the shop are priced up to $15,000 and more. Fishers shop was raided Wednesday, April 23, 1998 by the Monroe County State Attorneys Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Figural candy containers need careful look

New 6 candy container. Head removes. Made of painted plastic.

Keen Kutter Logo on New Licensed Products

The new pocket knives on this catalog page include the Keen Kutter wedgeshaped trademark. The trademark is licensed to many legitimate manufactures for present day use on tools, cutlery, pocket knives and other goods.

Detecting New Military Commemorative Badges and Insignias

Many military and commemorative insignias and patches are being reproduced. Many of these new products are virtually exact replicas of early 20th century military originals because they are made with computer controlled stitching machines. Reproductions of hand made 19th century pieces are being produced in Asia where they are again being sewn by hand.

Black Light and Counterfeits

Anyone who hasnt yet handled the new $100 bill (technically a $100 Federal Reserve note) is in for a surprise. The new bills are quite different from earlier series of $100s or any other denominations of U.S. currency. The most obvious difference is the size and off-center location of Franklins portrait. It is left of center and Franklins head alone takes up the space formerly occupied by a head and shoulders view. But these changes are relatively minor compared to the high-tech features hidden inside the paper fibers and invisible to the unaided eye in ordinary light.

Just In

This 12x10" desk tray is currently being offered by a reproduction wholesaler in the northeast. It is made of brass with an dark antique patina.

Ice-cream Scoops

This 12x10" desk tray is currently being offered by a reproduction wholesaler in the northeast. It is made of brass with an dark antique patina.

Cast Iron Toys

Cast iron was the 19th century equivalent of today's modern plastics the raw ingredients were cheap, it could be made in almost any shape, and identical pieces could be mass produced in molds. Unfortunately, those are also the very reasons why so many toys are reproduced in cast iron. This article will discuss the ways to tell new from old cast iron toys beginning with an explanation of iron casting.

Pressing Irons - Faked & Reproduced

Record breaking prices are bringing faked and forged irons into the antiques market. First seen in Paris flea markets and London street fairs, these irons are now appearing in the United States.

World War I wooden propellers copied

Full-scale replicas of WW I airplane propellers are being made. The new pieces are over six-feet long, the same general size as vintage originals.