Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Doll and Baby Buggies

Some reproduction buggies are copies of vintage originals but others are "fantasies" and have no known old counterparts. All the new products are hand made and commonly show tool marks. Many of the items are unknowingly offered as old by even experienced dealers. The pieces can be found in almost every show, mall and flea markets.

Combed, Painted Mustard Plate Looks Old

This new 10-inch hand painted wood plate closely copies a mid-19th century style of decoration. The body is a mustard color with black border trim and date. A slightly darker mustard color is trailed and combed over the entire surface.

B-17 Aircraft Nose Art Copied on Aluminum

U.S. airmen frequently decorated the nose of their WW II aircraft with custom artwork. This art style, referred to as "nose art," commonly featured scantily clad women, caricatures and other edgy themes.

So where did this bronze plate really come from?

This 10-inch bronze plate is an antique mall and eBay regular. It is made of an alloy of zinc, tin and copper and finished in an olive-bronze patina. The highly raised design is a Dutch girl chasing a goose. A Dutch village is in the background. The girls face and hands resemble ivory but are Incolay Ivory, the trade name for an ivory-imitation resin.

1990s Windups Can Cause Problems

Replicas of early 1950s Japanese tin windups made in the 1990s can be confusing. Probably the most accurateand most easily mistaken for vintageare new toys produced by Teruhisa Kitahara, an expert and author of books on the subject of Japanese toys.

Window Sign and Game Illustration Offered as Vintage Finds

Art from a Victorian board game box and a 1930s window sign are being offered as original stone lithographs by a national mail order company. Both items are claimed to have been found in storage in Europe. Fruident and French board game.

Problems with Fishing Lures

Rare antique fishing lures have been selling for ever increasing amounts. Reports in the antique press have shown examples of rare lures and boxes selling in the $15,000 to $30,000 range. eBay is also replete with high-dollar sales between individuals. While most high-dollar lure sales occur in the background, a few outstanding sales get reported in the press.

Wooden antiques from China

The modern Chinese wood pieces first reported in ACRN in August 2003 have spread into national mail order catalogs. Described as vintage Chinese, the selection includes a wide variety of utilitarian shapes including baskets, footstools, buckets, pitchforks, measures and other items associated with rural life.

New tin toys copy vintage originals

The American toy company, Schylling Toys, is selling new metal toys virtually identical to well known originals made ca. 1930-1940s.