Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Fake Coke money clip marked Tiffany Studios

This fantasy Coke money clip in bronze has been around in one version or another since at least the late 1980s. It is marked on the back Tiffany Studios and Patent Pending.

Autographs of Old West Widely Forged Warns Experts

On April 29, 2003, two previously unknown documents with the signature of William "Billy the Kid" Bonney, brought $25,000 and $35,000 at auction.

New china rolling pins

A subscriber recently bought the new 15-inch china rolling pin shown in Fig. 1.

Confusing pumpkin lanterns

The new pumpkin electrical lanterns first reported in the April 2003 issue of ACRN are now appearing in the market. Although the new lanterns are still confusing copies of vintage novelty lanterns, the actual production pieces are different from the early samples shown in the April article.

Copies of Schoenhut elephants

The A. Schoenhut Company of Philadelphia begin manufacturing toys in 1872. In 1903 they introduced their perhaps their most famous creation, the Humpty Dumpty Circus. The circus consisted of animals and human figures made of jointed wood and various accessories such as barrels, stands, ladders and tents. The handmade animal and human figures are of interest not only as toys, but are also collected as examples of American folk art.

Old Clocks Fitted with New Animated Dials

Genuine, but inexpensive, alarm clocks from the first third of the 20th century are being fitted with faked animated works. Animated works operate moving pieces displayed on the clock dial. In the example shown here of a bootmakers shop, the hand of the man on the left polishes a boot; the hand of the man on the right hammers a nail.

Cast iron tables from famous water works

In the first quarter of the twentieth century, municipal waterworks had valve covers and meter lids designed to order. A 1922 design from San Francisco, California featured the Golden Gate Bridge; a 1926 design from New Orleans has moon and stars.

New Pairpoint Owl lamp

The owl is probably the rarest of Pairpoints blown out or puffy lamp shades. The matching figural owl metal base is also one of the rarest Pairpoint bases. A new version of the shade and base is being made in India and has been in the market since late 2000.

Look at mark on new Disney toys

A new group of Disney character toys designed to look like vintage 1930s toys is currently being imported from China.

Art Deco prints copied

A new series of Art Deco prints has been released. Several of the prints are copied from T. Hessers original illustrations of famous beauties throughout history such as Cleopatra (shown here). Hessers figures were more popular for their scantily clad subjects than historical accuracy. All of his historical beauties, including Cleopatra, have blond hair.