Searching for Vintage Collectibles

Handmade roadside signs

Americas back roads were once forested with colorful homemade signs hawking everything from farm produce to lodgings, local sights to cheap cafes and gasoline.

New Decorative Technique Found in Latest Reproductions

A new method of decorating ceramics is being found on recently examined reproductions. The new method can essentially decorate the entire object with one transfer. This technique eliminates almost all hand decoration by semiskilled workers and allows virtually unskilled workers to complete the decoration of an entire object.

1950's Figural Ceramic Decanters Copied

Jeez...whod a thunk it. Reproductions of figural ceramic post-war Japan decanters! You know the type, the deep chocolate brown-glazed pieces. Most originalscats, dogs, sad-faced bartenders and amply endowed females are now considered very kitschy and collectible. They are so attractively tacky they are being reproduced.

New Badges Look Old

A series of low-cost new badges look very similar to expensive vintage originals. These new badges are made of solid copper with an antiqued silver finish. Unlike other reproduction badges, these pieces are die-struck, not cast. Western Badges - Abilene, Tombstone, Laredo, Cheyenne. Railway , Pony Express and sheriff badges.

Scrimshaw and other nautical carvings

When scrimshaw is mentioned, almost all non-scrimshaw collectors and dealers think of carving on sperm whale teeth only. But scrimshaw also includes engravings on skeletal whale bonesuch as the jaw bone, called panboneand ivory from other marine mammals such as walrus. Although scrimshaw is widely associated with nautical themes and designs of the 19th century whaling industry, vintage scrimshaw was also produced as tribal art in many cultures. Today, scrimshaw is recognized as a unique medium in which present-day artists have developed their own modern themes.

New bell toys made of wood

There are several new bell toys that resemble vintage litho paper over wood originals from the late 1920s-1950s era. The new pieces have painted wood wheels, wooden bodies covered by paper and bells that ring when the toys are pulled.

Double-dial advertising clocks copied

You see this piece in an online auction. You naturally assume the case is painted wood and never bother to ask the seller what the case is made of.

1950-60s Space Theme Marble Game

This new marble game looks like its straight from a baby boomers toy box. Look closely and youll see that the featured attractions are space toys actually sold in the 1950s-60s.

Forged Winchester Chain Prints Bring Big Bucks

A particularly ambitious series of fakes is currently making the round of on-line auctions, shows and malls. Some enterprising forger has been created chain prints featuring Winchester products and advertising. The fakes have been bringing $150 to over $500 each.

Unbearable Reproductions - Plastic Black Forrest Bear Carvings

Reproductions of Black Forrest Bear carvings have been around for years. But now there's a new twist-the bears are available in plastic.