Watch for the Curve Ball! Faux Autographs on BaseballsBy

Watch for Curve Balls! Faux Autographs on Baseballs

Wow! A certificate of authenticity and the seal of major league baseball. These plaques with a color photo of a famous baseball player, a trading card and an autograph have to be great, right?

Better read the fine print before spending $33 each. This is actually for a "faux autograph superimposed onto the artwork of a baseball." If you're unfamiliar with the word, "faux" is French for false, fake or imitation. It is pronounced foe.

Never heard of the word faux? Good luck finding it in an English dictionary. An 848 page paperback Webster doesn't include faux nor does an over 2000 page hardcover dictionary by Reader's Digest. Unless little Johnny's mommy or daddy happen to be antiques or art dealers who drop "faux tortoiseshell" or "faux marble" into everyday conversation, he won't have a clue to the meaning of the catalog description.

Just when you think the celebrity and sports autograph racket couldn't get any worse it does. Did we say "curve balls?" Spitballs would be more accurate.