Wicker Toy by Furniture of Steel WireBy

Wicker Toy Furniture of Steel Wire

This new miniature vanity and stool were made of steel wire to resemble Victorian wicker. The vanity is 5 ¾″ high; the stool, 1 ¾″ high. A nickel is shown for size comparison.

Other pieces available in the same style include a bed, chaise lounge, writing desk with chair, bookcase and loveseat. All pieces are painted white; stools, chairs and cushions are upholstered in a red and white stripe. Retail prices ranged from $19 to $36; our sample vanity and stool cost $29. These were available from a number of mail order catalogs.

We were unable to find any pre-1920 miniature or doll size furniture like these new pieces made in steel wire. Some old pieces somewhat similar to these were, however, made in pewter.


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