Want to Buy a Matisse Etching?By

Pssst! Want to buy a Matisse Etching?

A number of "Matisse" etchings have sold on internet auction sites. The only problem is that the etchings are guaranteed to be done by Pierre Matisse.

Pierre Matisse is the son of famous French Impressionist Henri Matisse. Pierre was a noteworthy art dealer, but never an artist. The etchings being offered as Pierre Matisse are copies of etchings by the father, Henri Matisse. The "Pierre" etchings are slightly altered from Henri originals and printed on old water-color paper to give an aged look. Internet prices for these pieces have been averaged $30-$55.

If you like the Pierre Matisse etchings, you might also look into works by Victor Van Gogh, Peter Gauguin and Karl Monet.



Two images represented as etchings by "Pierre Matisse." The images are copies of originals by Pierre's famous father Henri Matisse. Pierre was an art dealer, not an artist.