Vases with Lizards Marked Galle and Daum NancyBy

Vases with Lizards Marked Galle and Daum Nancy

New glass vases with lizards made in the Art Nouveau style have been found marked Galle and Daum Nancy. A single lizard figure is entwined as if climbing around the neck of the vase.

The matte finish and overall appearance are similar to those found on cameo-style glass made by both the Galle and Daum workshops, ca. 1885-1915. New vases are being reported in a 10-inch size in various colors. No exact or close vintage counterparts are known.

The new vases are said to be made in Romania. They appear frequently in online auctions. Some are accurately described as new; other descriptions make no mention of their recent manufacture.

The workshops of Emile Galle and the brothers Auguste and Antonin Daum were both located in Nancy, France. These two companies produced some of the finest art glass decorated in the Art Nouveau style, especially cameo glass. New glass with the marks of both firms have been widely reproduced in recent years. Marks on the new glass are virtually identical in appearance to original marks. Marks alone are not a reliable test of age.


The new golden amber vase on the left is marked Galle on the reverse. A Daum Nancy mark appears on the new green vase on the right.