Update on glass liquor urnsBy

Update on glass liquor urns

Reproduction cut glass urns with various liquors etched on the front are similar to originals of cut glass wine urns. There are also additional authentic pieces of similar shape with enamel decoration. The enamel urns shown here are attributed to the English pub trade.

So far none of the reproductions have any enamel decoration. All decoration on the new pieces is wheel cut with etched generic names of liquor such as "BRANDY" and "GIN". The original enamel pieces are all branded names such as Watson's Whiskey, Buchanan Scotch, etc. Spigots on the original urns shown here, were fastened to the urn body through a raised collar of glass formed while the glass was hot. Spigots on the reproductions are attached through a hole drilled in the urn body when the glass was cold.


Fig. 1 New 20-inch clear crystal urn with GIN etched on front.


Fig. 2 From left to right: Buchanan Scotch Whisky, 26″ tall, enamel and gold gilt on clear crystal urn; Splendid Stouts, 26″ tall, enamel on glass; Watson's Fine Whisky, 27½″ tall, bottle shaped dispenser, enamel and gold gilt on clear crystal; The Crown Hotel 1862 Whiskey, enamel and gold gilt on clear crystal urn. All dispensers have brass spigots. Photo © Auction Team Breker, Cologne, Germany