Unusual Railroad Items ReproducedBy

Unusual Railroad Items Reproduced

Most reproductions and reissues of railroad collectibles are either dinnerware, giveaways or hardware, such as padlocks or watch fobs. The new posters and particularly the lampshade below are quite a departure from what has previously been made.

Although these items are legitimately sold primarily as decorator items, pieces like these invariably end up in the collectibles market represented as originals.


Fig. 1 Canadian Pacific poster advertising "Scenic Dome Route Across Canada",
19½" x 27". Copied from a 1955 original. Printed in full color.


Fig. 2 The Illinois Central originally used this Art Deco poster in 1926. It is now reproduced in full color, 24" x 36".


Fig. 3 Full color printed fabric lampshade. Nostalgic 1940s postcard art. Santa Fe locomotive on one side; Illinois Central locomotive on opposite side. Fabric fastened to shade frame with vinyl roping. No old counterpart known. Oval shape, 9½" x 7" x 6½". Sold new by mail order for $59.00.