Unbearable Reproductions - Plastic Black Forrest Bear CarvingsBy

Unbearable Reproductions - Plastic Black Forrest Bear Carvings

Reproductions of Black Forrest bear carvings have been around for years. But now there's a new twist...the bears are available in plastic.

I know. You're probably snorting, "Any fool ought to be able to spot a plastic bear!" But wait. You haven't heard the whole story.

ACRN saw the reproduction bear below offered on the internet. The color photo looked great. We knew it was a reproduction but assumed it was made of wood. The material was never mentioned in the seller's description and we never thought to ask. Why would anyone think it wasn't wood? Just look at the carving. So we bought it to share with you.

Much to our surprise the bear turned out to be plastic. Tap it or lift it, you immediately know it's plastic. But from five feet away, you would swear it's solid wood. The casting is that good.

Like many reproductions, we found this and other styles of plastic bears are being made in China. This particular style has the bear holding a flat tray. Other styles are more of an umbrella holder. We have since found the bears offered by AA Importing and other antique reproduction wholesalers. Wholesale price range from $75 - $125 depending on style.

The moral of this story is don't assume anything when buying online or from photos or descriptions alone. No question is too stupid or basic. Particularly dimensions, material and condition.


Fig. 1 New plastic three foot tall bear. In the style of Victorian era Black Forrest original.


Fig. 2 New head close up. Original eyes would be glass but these new plastic eyes are very lifelike. Excellent overall detail


Fig. 3 Another version of a new plastic bear. This one has holds a tray shaped like a fish.