The Latest Aladdin ReproductionsBy

The Latest Aladdin Reproductions

Several reproductions of Aladdin lamps and accessories entered the market in 2003. One piece, a brass insect screen, had not been reproduced before. Two other styles of previously produced lamps, Vertique and Diamond Quilt, were made in additional more confusing colors. The following tips will help you separate these latest reproductions from the original items.

Vertique Lamps

Original Vertique Aladdin lamps were made in 1938. They were made as a two-piece glass lamp with a brass connector. Original lamps were made of a glass Aladdin called Moonstone Art Glass. Original Vertique Moonstone colors were rose, yellow, green and white.

The first Vertique look-alike reproductions appeared in 2002. These first lamps were made only in ruby and cobalt blue glass. It was easy to spot these first Vertique lamps because ruby and cobalt blue were not made in 1938.

The 2003 Vertique lamps are closer to the original colors. Three of the 2003 Vertique colors–rose, blue and green–are fairly similar to original Aladdin Moonstone colors. For Vertique lamps in those colors you need to study the hardware and pattern details to separate new from old. A fourth new Vertique color released in 2003 in clear colorless glass, is less of a problem. Clear glass was never made in the original 1938 production.

The key differences to identify the 2003 Vertique lamps in confusing colors are:

–the new burner collar is plain and smooth while the original 1938 collar has a groove (Figs. 4-5).

–the original Vertique font has a pronounced shoulder rim, the new one does not (Figs. 3-4).

–the new filler cap and collar are taller than the matching 1937-38 originals.

The new rose and green colors of the 2003 lamps are not exact matches of the original 1938 Aladdin Moonstone colors. The new rose is light, almost a pink-white. The green appears dense and almost blue-green. Remain cautious about color as a test of age, though, as makers may improve colors over time.

Diamond Quilt Lamps

Diamond Quilt reproductions first appeared in the market in 2002. In 2003, they also appeared in the same confusing colors as the new Vertique. New Diamond Quilt is now being made in cobalt blue, ruby, clear crystal and imitations of blue and rose Moonstone.

Cobalt blue, ruby, clear crystal and blue Moonstone were not produced in 1937. However, the new blue imitation Moonstone is close enough to green that some collectors may think it is the original green Moonstone.

Here are key differences to help you separate new and old Diamond Quilt lamps in confusing colors:

–the new filler collar and cap are taller than the 1937-38 hardware.

–the new burner collar is plain and smooth while the old 1937-38 collars have a groove (Figs. 4-5).

–the diamond points of the quilt pattern are more pronounced and sharper in the new mold.

–the new font has straight sides and the new font is slightly larger from top to bottom than the old font.

–measuring to the top of the burner collar, the new lamp is one-half inch taller than the original. Authentic Diamond Quilt lamps are 9½ inches to the top of the burner collar. Reproductions are 10 inches.

–so far no Diamond Quilt font has been reproduced in white Moonstone. This means no factory-made reproductions of the 1937 combination white and rose Moonstone lamp (see Fig. 7).

Brass Insect Screen

The same company which sold the new Vertique and Diamond Quilt lamps also made a brass insect screen. The new screen is a close copy of the Aladdin brass original made for the tops of glass chimneys. Screens prevented insects from flying down the chimney and damaging the delicate mantle on the burner. Original insect screens in boxes can sell for $100 and up. New screens are $7.50 each. New screens are available in bright brass, antique brass and nickel finishes.

The most obvious difference is the B & P mark stamped on the side of the reproductions (Fig. 9). Original Aladdin insect screens have no marks. The Holes in the original screens are more uniform in size and spacing than the holes in reproductions. Looking down on the top of the new screen, the outer row of holes is stamped further apart than comparable holes in old screens. Old and new screens are about the same size, just under 3 inches tall each.

JW Courter is the author of numerous books on Aladdin lamps including Aladdin-The Magic Name in Lamps; Aladdin Electric Lamps; and the series Aladdin Collectors Manual & Price Guide.


Fig. 1 New and old Vertique lamps in green Moonstone, an opaque green glass similar to jadite. The original, Aladdin model B-92, was made in 1938.


Fig. 2 Ribs on reproduction Vertique lamps have virtually no shoulder at the top of the font. See arrows on the cross-section line drawing.


Fig. 3 Ribs on authentic Vertique lamps have a pronounced shoulder at the top of the font. See arrows on the cross-section line drawing above and the photo below.


Fig. 4 The sides of new burner collars on both the new Diamond Quilt and Vertique reproduction lamps are smooth (arrow).


Fig. 5 The sides of authentic Aladdin burner collars have an obvious groove around the outside (arrow).


Fig. 6 Authentic rose Moonstone lamp, right, is considerably darker than the imitation rose, left. The new rose is almost white-pink in color. The new font is particularly pale.


Fig. 7 New Diamond Quilt lamp with rose font and base, left. Do not mistake the new pink font, which is so pale, for the original white Moonstone. The original Diamond Quilt white Moonstone font with pink Moonstone base is shown on the right. New Diamond Quilt lamps are one-half inch taller than the old.


Fig. 8 New and old brass insect screens. Screens fit over the tops of Aladdin glass chimneys to keep insects away from the burner. The new screen is marked B & P. Both new and old screens are slightly less than three inches tall.


Fig. 9 B & P mark on new screens.


Aladdin Collectors Manual and Price Guide #21 by J.W. Courter

All photos in this article by J. W. Courter