Test Market Fiesta Lamps may be ConfusingBy

Test Market Fiesta Lamps may be Confusing

This Fiesta lamp was sold to a collector as a "rare" original. Although it does have an old appearing mark, the 9 1/2" lamp was made in the early 1990s.

A person who markets new Fiesta said the lamps were made exclusively for J.C. Penney as a test piece. Sales were poor and the lamp was never put in full production. It was not learned exactly how many lamps were made but estimates are less than several thousand. Because the lamps were discontinued so quickly, many collectors may not be aware the new lamps were ever made at all. The color of this lamp is what Fiesta now calls Turquoise and is darker and has more green than the old turquoise.

Fiesta never made any old lamps as a standard production item. Some lamps were "made up" by Fiesta employees using parts such as syrup jugs but only as individual pieces and not as standard items in open stock.



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