Teddy bear on cast iron wheelsBy

Teddy bear on cast iron wheels

This new 10" bear on wheels has a jointed stuffed body mounted on a tube steel frame with cast iron wheels. The head turns 360ยบ; black shoe button styled eyes of plastic; red leather muzzle and collar; a button is sewn in the right ear. The fur is simulated gold mohair. Black light shows extensive use of modern glue and modern synthetic threads which both fluoresce brightly. The cast iron wheels are too rough and there are crude welds on the frame. Cost new, $52.

All genuine teddy bears-- toy bears with sweet faces and near human proportions to body, arms, and legs-- are so called from a hunting experience of Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. No teddy bears were made before this date. Original toy bears sold before ca. 1903-05, were generally depicted in natural bear proportions and frequently with teeth filled mouths in snarling expressions. Original cast iron wheeled teddy bears were made ca. 1910-mid1920s.


Fig. 1 New stuffed bear on wheels, 10" long, 8" high.


Fig. 2 Rough cast iron wheels.


Fig. 3 Crudely welded joints.