Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Candy DishBy

Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Candy Dish

Original Sharon pattern glassware, also called Cabbage Rose, was made by Federal Glass Company between ca. 1935-1939. New candy dishes with this pattern have been made in pink, green and blue.

You can eliminate any blue candy jars without an inspection because no old blue candy jars exist. The new pink and green jars differ from originals in several ways. The easiest way to easy catch a new base is to measure the foot. The foot of an old jar is 3 1/4". On the reproduction, the foot is almost a full half inch smaller at about 2 7/8". Old bases are slightly taller than the new but not enough to be of practical help. Measuring the foot is accurate and consistent.

The tops require closer inspection. Begin by locating a mold seam in the raised circle under the finial (which is on both new and old). This is faint on both new and old and you may have to rock the piece in the light to see it. After it has been located, check its alignment with the six bars in the pattern. In old lids, the seam on the raised circle lines up with two of the bars. The seam in the new lid is not in alignment but at an angle to the bars.

The other check point is the diameter of the raised circle under the finial. On old lids, the raised circle measures 1 7/8" in diameter; on new lids it measures an eighth of an inch less at 1 3/4".

Generally the color and quality of glass in the reproductions is lower quality than the originals but this varies from batch to batch. Examine both base and lid; old bases can become married to new lids. Use this information only for the colors and pieces discussed.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2


Fig. 3 The old base is considerably larger than the new as shown by the drawing (Fig. 2) and the photo above. In Fig. 3, the foot of the old base is on the right.


Fig. 4 Look down on the lid from above as shown in Fig. 4. The seam line on the raised circle in old lids is aligned with two of the bars in the pattern; the seam in the new is at an angle.