Seaside Childs Cup and Saucer Reproduced in TinBy

"Seaside" Child's Cup and Saucer
Reproduced in Tin

This new tin cup and saucer are copied from a turn-of-the-century original. The cup is titled, "A Present from the Seaside." Gold colored tin is printed with full-color images of Victorian children playing at the beach. Scenes include building sand castles, wading in the surf, playing with toy sailboats, etc.

The original is lithographed in solid blocks of color. The new is printed with process color which builds up images with tiny dots of color in regular patterns. With a 10X loupe, the modern dot structure is easy to see. New cups and saucers, of course, have no sign of natural wear. Originals even in excellent condition will virtually always show some signs of normal wear.

New cups and saucers do not have a permanent mark. New pieces are shipped with only a removable "Made in China" paper label.

New pieces retailed for $14; originals, depending on condition, usually sell for $60-$95.