Roseville Ashtray is McCoyBy

Roseville Ashtray is McCoy

If you assume an ashtray marked Roseville was made by Roseville Pottery, you would be wrong.

The confusing example shown in Figs. 1-2 marked Roseville Floraline was made by McCoy Pottery in 1960. The ashtray was used to promote Floraline, a series of pottery containers developed by McCoy for the florist trade.

Typical Floraline pieces are marked simply "Floraline USA" on the base. A McCoy monogram and model number may or may not be included with the basic mark. Marks on typical Floraline pieces never include the word McCoy spelled out. The appearance "Roseville" on the piece presumably refers to Roseville, Ohio the city in which McCoy Pottery was located. There are no marks on the base of this ashtray.

The mold for this ashtray was also used for a souvenir of McCoy's 50th anniversary in 1960. Those ashtrays have plain sides with no inscriptions. Bases of the anniversary ashtrays are marked "The Nelson McCoy Pottery Co., Roseville, Ohio., 50th Anniversary 1910-1960."

We could find no evidence that the ashtray shape was a part of the Floraline series. Rather it was in general use for a variety of stock and custom designs.


Fig. 1 This 4-inch pottery ashtray has "Roseville Floraline" in gold lettering on two sides.


Fig. 2 The third side of the ashtray has "Ceramic Containers" in gold lettering. The base is not marked.


Fig. 3 Samples of Floraline vases developed for the florist trade by McCoy Pottery in 1960.


Fig. 4 McCoy Floraline pottery is marked "Floraline USA." Model numbers and a McCoy monogram may or may not be included in the mark. McCoy is not spelled out in the mark on Floraline pieces.

Photo Credit: McCoy Pottery Collectors Reference and Value Guide, Vol. II, Hanson/Nissen/Hanson, © 1999, Collector Books.

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