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Rookwood tile copied

A seldom seen Rookwood tile featuring two rabbits beneath a tree has been reproduced. The copy is multi-colored under a high gloss glaze. Size 5¾″ × 5¾″.

The copy is made on a tan or buff colored clay. New tiles were available through a mail order catalog for $50. The only mark on the copy is "North Prairie Tileworks" rubber stamped in black on the unglazed back (Fig. 2). This mark is not permanent and could be removed. If the tile were mounted in a frame or if the tile were backed with cork or felt, the new mark also might go unobserved.

Riley Humler, gallery director of Cincinnati Art Galleries, a leading auction firm of American art pottery and Rookwood specialist, spoke with ACRN in 2000 by telephone about the original.

"The original is a scarce tile, rarely seen. The last one we sold was in 1996. It was a trivet form, in a single matte-color made in 1918 and brought $375. A multi color original would easily be worth $400-$600+."

Humler said the vast majority of original Rookwood tiles have permanent impressed marks. The exact mark found on tiles depends when the tile was made. Before the tile division was combined with the overall operation, tiles were marked "Rookwood Faience" plus the date and various shape and productions codes. Later production would by marked with the reversed R and P with flames mark along with the date and various production codes.

According to Humler, the original shape #1918 was introduced ca. 1911. Since no production records are available, the shape could theoretically have been produced at any time up until the factory closed.


Fig. 1 Reproduction Rookwood tile available for $50 through mail order catalog. Multi-color, high gloss glaze.


Fig. 2 Rubber stamped mark on back of new tile is not permanent.

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