Revised Mark on New Rington Tea JarBy

Revised Mark on New Rington Tea Jar

A confusing mark on a reproduction Ringtons Tea jar has been made more confusing.

Ringtons Tea is an original Victorian-era tea company based in England. The original Ringtons sold some of its products in Blue Willow decorated pottery. The Ringtons Tea company name was prominently placed on the base. Reproductions of the original jars have been in the market since at least 1990. Original ceramic pieces with Ringtons advertising were made by C. T. Maling, New-castle upon Tyne, North-umberland, England.

Base markings on the first reproductions read simply "Ringtons Limited Tea merchants". Now the updated markings on the reproduction jars is a more realistic "Ringtons Limited Tea Merchants, Newcastle upon Tyne" which is closer to the original mark.

The key to determining age on the Ringtons pieces is the presence of the pottery name "C.T. Maling" and "England" or "C.T. Maling & Sons, Ltd" and "Made in England". Reproduction marks do not include either the pottery name or England. If the pottery name or England are not present in the mark, the piece is not authentic.

The new jar shown above costs $10. Several shapes of new jars are made as well as teapots. Original Ringtons jars average $150-$250.



New Rington jar with updated Newcastle upon Tyne mark.