Repro Roseville Wall Pockets Seen AgainBy

Repro Roseville Wall Pockets Seen Again

In February of 1997, ACRN reported that new wall pockets with a nude in Roseville Panel (Rosecraft Panel) were being reproduced. After two pieces were sold in Maine, no others were seen.

A new improved version was purchased in the Midwest. The first pieces were ivory which was not a correct period color. This latest piece has a correct dark greenish-bronze glaze which is one of the original colors. Mold detail is still poor and the Rv ink stamp mark is still blotchy and indistinct.

Fortunately this example has been removed from the market and has been donated to an educational exhibit. Connie Swaim, Eastern Editor of AntiqueWeek said the wall pocket is now a part of the paper's Alert! display, a traveling exhibit of reproductions, fakes and fantasies made available for public study.


Improved reproduction Roseville wall pocket with correct color. Front and back shown above. New rubber stamped ink mark shown below.


Roseville wall pocket photos courtesy AntiqueWeek.

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