Red Riding Hood Tin Tea Set ReproducedBy

Red Riding Hood Tin Tea Set Reproduced

The Little Red Riding Hood children's tin tea set originally made by Ohio Art, an American toy company, has been reproduced in China. Designs on the new pieces and the shapes are direct copies of the originals. The cost was $20 for the new 13 piece set which included 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers and one tea pot.

The colors are duller and the images not quite as sharp on the reproductions but this is not apparent unless held side by side. Wear and fading can affect color and image quality of old pieces so don't use these features alone as a test of age. A better test is to look for original markings. Genuine sets are marked "Ohio Art Co". Not all original pieces are always marked. Most of the larger plates are marked and the mark almost always appears directly below Red Riding Hood and the wolf.


New tin Red Riding Hood tea set. Large plate 4¼" dia.