Rare Batman Comics ReissuedBy

Rare Batman Comics Reissued

Three Batman comics were reissued in June 1997 by Toys "R" Us as part of a Batman merchandise promotion. Each of the original reproduced issues is important to collectors because they marked the "first appearance" of major Batman characters. The reproductions include: Book #38, published 1940 introducing Robin; Book #121, published 1959 introducing Mr. Freeze; and Book #359, published 1967, introducing the New Batgirl.

The new copies shouldn't present any problem for comic specialists but could cause confusion with other buyers. The biggest problem will probably be finding the covers or inside pages matted and framed and offered as "art work". Look closely. New covers are marked in the upper right hand corner "Toys "R" Us, Special Replica Edition". This could be erased or hidden by a picture frame.