Pressed glass swan pieces from ItalyBy

Pressed glass swan pieces from Italy

A line of new glass from Italy with figural swan bases resembles 19th century American swan pieces.

The original American figural swan pedestal base (Fig. 2) was made by Atterbury & Co, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ca. 1868-1890. It is clear heavy pressed glass. The glass is marked in the mold "Pat'd. Sept 29, 1868".

The new Italian swan pedestal is made with three different tops: the 11¾″ wide smooth rimmed bowl (Fig. 1), an 11¼″ scalloped edged bowl and a 6¾″ wide narrow chalice-like shape top. Bases and tops are formed separately then joined while hot with a wafer of glass. This technique is similar to how many pieces of early American glass are joined and the new pieces may be confusing when they find their way into the antiques market (and they will).

New swan pieces are made from clear frosted glass or clear glass with a pearlized white finish. Pieces are trimmed with fine gold colored bands. Wholesale prices for the new pieces were $28-$38.


Fig. 1 New Italian frosted glass swan pedestal bowl. 10″ high, 11¾″ wide


Fig. 2 Old mid-19th century swan pedestal lamp by Atterbury & Co.