Pilgrim Glass uses original Consolidated Glass moldsBy

Pilgrim Glass used original
Consolidated Glass molds

Pilgrim Glass Company of Huntington, West Virginia owned approximately 30 or more original molds from Consolidated Glass. Pilgrim obtained the molds from Sinclair Glass of Hartford, Indiana, which at one time owned the majority of Consolidated's original molds.

Pilgrim Glass used more than 15 Consolidated molds during the 1990s. Most new production was made in frosted crystal. The new frosted pieces appeared in two pages of the Pilgrim catalog shown below.

The new frosted pieces are all vases or vases modified into lamps. They include the following patterns and sizes: Blackberry, 18"; Dancing Girls, 12"; Cockatoo, 9"; Dogwood, 10"; Line 700 ("Vine") 13" and 7"; Love Bird, 11"; Bittersweet, 10"; Le Fleur, 11"; Hummingbird, 6"; Dragonfly, 6"; Pinecone, 7"; Chickadee, 7"; Jonquil, 6"; and Floral, 9".


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Fig. 2

Figs. 1-2 Two Pilgrim Glass catalog pages showing the pieces reproduced from original Consolidated molds. All pieces shown are frosted crystal.